DeColonaise Hair and Body was born in 2017 as an economic development project to fund the work of the African National Women's Organization (ANWO). ANWOs president, Yejide Orunmila, answered the call of establishing a project that will allow ANWO to be a financially self-sustaining organization.

Yejide had been mixing up her own products in her kitchen for years.  As popular hair YouTube personality, NajahFace, in the early 2000's she was one of the first hair vloggers on the platform, encouraging African women to be proud of our natural hair and skin. She authored a hair recipe book called "Mixed Up" that empowered African women to create their own body care products without the harmful chemicals and pollutants that had long been peddled to black women through the million dollar black hair care industry.

Yejide closed her Youtube channel to focus more on liberation issues through her work in the Uhuru Movement. It was during this time that she became President of ANWO and found that she could combine her love of creating natural products and politics into one revolutionary brand which came to be known as DeColonaise. 

As a brand of ANWO, DeColonaise puts the discussion of decolonization in the hands of everyone who purchases from us. We market high quality natural products that will improve the condition of our hair and skin, while providing political education on each package.

Our mission is to make all-natural hair and skin care products using ingredients that fight the adverse environmental effects of colonialism, as we promote health hair and skin practices.