dilka scrub packaged in gold foil inside black paper pouch with window.
dilka body scrub displayed on gold foil with lavendar flower

Dilka Sudanese Body Scrub

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Dilka Body Scrub is an ancient body treatment traditionally used by African women throughout Sudan and Chad as a body polish and skin perfume. It smooths, it exfoliates and brightens the skin, promoting an even skin tone resulting in a  beautiful glow and wonderfully scented skin. 

Our scrub is handmade using traditional natural ingredients. 


Remove dead skin and impurities, revealing  amazing glowing, purified, supple skin.

It is commonly used by  brides as part of their pre-wedding ceremonies.

How to use

Each package comes with 3 rounds of Dilka wrapped to preserve scent. Unwrap one Dilka  ball, break with your hands into a bowl, add rose water (or water) to moisten into a paste.  Rub over skin.  Allow to stay for 10 minutes or longer to prolong the scent. Then dip your fingers in a carrier oil and rub off your skin in circular motions. You may also use water.

To apply on entire body, use all 3 rounds of Dilka. Use only 1 Dilka round when applying to the face or the legs.  If there is any remaining; moisten and roll back into a ball, and wrap in the foil.