African Hair...Why Not African-American Hair?

Why We Say African Hair @ DeColonaise Hair and Body


There is a misconception that African hair is just one type of hair -  the curliest, tightest, driest, most difficult - but that isn't always the case. Hair texture in the African world is diverse, even on the African continent and despite differences in cultural styling.

The term "African-American" is used to differentiate hair types of English-speaking African people born in North America from Africans born elsewhere.

In the natural hair community, other categories like Afro-Caribbean or Afro-Latino hair were also created to explain someone's curl pattern. However, this is often an unhelpful reference since oftentimes a so-called Afro-Caribbean person has the same hair texture as African person from Botswana.

black woman with natural hair

It resonates as a highbrow way to say someone has "good hair" versus "bad hair," because the preconception is that an Afro-Latinx person has looser curls than an African born in the North American state of Alabama. 

For this reason, we have never hyphenated our hair or ourselves. African people have African hair periodt.

At DeColonaise Hair and Body, we bring you hair and skin products alongside traditions that honor all of our texture and cultural identity. This may be a different perspective from what is out there now, but that's OK. 

After all, we are DeColonaise Hair and Body and we are here to disrupt the status quo.

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